About us

In 1991 the Belgian brand was founded by Mr. Jos van Ratingen within NV van RATINGEN. NV van RATINGEN was already known in the field of electrical retail since 1974 thanks to its successful and solid distribution of quality products.

Equipped with its own Research, Development and Engineering as well as Testing and Quality Control department, the brand FRITEL first launched deep fryers. In this segment, FRITEL put itself quickly on the market and became the market leader and trendsetter for the total fryer market thanks to numerous innovations, such as Click® System, Turbo SF® System, Acc® System, Covering® System, FryTastic®, as well as various patents and models.

Since the arrival of Cindy van Ratingen (2nd generation) at the end of 1998, the product range expanded rapidly, always paying special attention to ease of use, maintenance, multifunctionality and added value to the market.

In 2022, the FRITEL range consists of frying, baking (waffle makers, grills, table grills, teppanyaki,...), snacking (hot air fryers), cooking (slicers, blenders, juicers, dehydrator, fun cooking (fondues, stone grills, raclette grills, cheese raclettes,...)outdoor (electric bbqs),

In 2020, FRITEL launched a particularly innovative concept called "The Mulch" around waste reduction, so that it can be kept clean, dry and odourless until the next waste collection. This concept is very contemporary now that more and more apartment buildings are being built, the collections are more fragmented and therefore no longer weekly, one has to sort out more and more, one will pay per weight, and the fact that there are no more domestic waste rooms,....


NV van RATINGEN operates from its Belgian home base in Hasselt, Belgian Limburg and is proud of its Belgian roots. With a team of 25 highly motivated employees, we take care of all aspects, such as purchasing, Research, Development & Engineering, product management, commercial department, sales advice and support, merchandising, marketing (offline and online), logistics and warehouse, customer service, after-sales service, Testing & Quality control, accounting, financial management, reporting, ...


  • FRITEL centralises all its activities at its headquarters in Hasselt.
  • FRITEL offers an A-Z assortment in both small kitchen electro, and air treatment
  • FRITEL has a continuous stock of its complete assortment
  • FRITEL delivers in the whole Benelux within 24-48 hours.
  • FRITEL has its own external sales team that makes more than 10.000 visits a year
  • FRITEL takes care of its own merchandising, as well as displays and presentations
  • FRITEL plans annual training for sales teams FRITEL has its own customer service and after-sales department -FRITEL has all parts of its own product range at its disposal
  • FRITEL has its own service website that provides immediate advice to customers and consumers and allows customers/consumers to find and follow up all the information on their service file.
  • FRITEL has its own online platform where all relevant product information, such as product sheets, BOM lists, photos, press articles and videos can be easily found and downloaded.
  • FRITEL has an emotional marketing and wants to inspire and help both the customer and the consumer continuously with the daily challenges they face.
  • Thanks to its small scale, FRITEL can make quick decisions, quickly respond to trends, opportunities, ...

In our processes, choice of suppliers and materials, as well as corporate philosophy, we focus on sustainability and regeneration, in order to make the best possible contribution to a better environment and general well-being.

Mission Statement

Fritel wants to be an inspiring brand across Europe and offer an innovative solution for small electrical appliances in every kitchen with special attention to the people, the environment and society.


FRITEL is a trendsetter who anticipates the needs of consumers in order to make their daily lives easier, more pleasant and better. The FRITEL products provide a solution for all the new challenges that a consumer faces during his life. Growing together with the consumer is the focus from the design of the product onwards, i.e. Starter, Family, Chef and Profi and all new challenges.




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Taking care of nature

Taking care of nature

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Responsible entrepreneurship keeps human beings, the environment and the economy in balance. FRITEL also does its bit and focuses on circularity, minimum waste , maximum reuse of materials and energy efficiency.