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Deep fried capers



Capers on salt
Whole milk
Oil or grease for frying


Preheat the deep fryer to 180 °C
Rinse the capers well. Dry them well with kitchen paper. 
Fill a bowl with flour and and another bowl with milk. 
Dab the capers in flour. Sieve them to remove the excess flour. Then put them in the milk. Strain again. Put the capers back in the jar with flour. Sieve again in a dry sieve. 
Put the sieve with the capers in the deep fryer (to avoid having to fish them out afterwards).
Deep fry the capers at 180 °C, stirring regularly until they are very crispy. The capers will open like little flowers. 
Drain them on kitchen paper. 
Finish with coarse salt.


Nice as a finishing touch to fried ray, slip sole, sole ... or as a snack.