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Tortilla in a raclette pan



2 large potatoes
5 eggs
1 large onion
Add to your choice: canned peas, peppers, bacon,...


Beat the eggs and put them in a separate bowl
Finely chop the onions and garlic. This can be done together in one bowl.  
Precook the potatoes until they are almost done. Then cut them into thin slices.
Prepare your additional ingredients:
E.g. finely chop the bacon and fry until crispy.
E.g. leaking peas from the cup
E.g. finely chop peppers
Put all ingredients in separate bowls and put on the table
In the raclette pan:
Fry the onion/garlic and any other vegetables in a pan.
Add the potato slices so that they can absorb the flavour of the onions and garlic.
Add the egg mixture and any additional ingredients (such as peas, peppers or bacon).
Leave to cook under the raclette grill.


Vary with extra ingredients. 
Adding cheese to your egg mixture can make it extra creamy and tasty!